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     Thursday, January 18, 2001 Councillor Maura Hennigan

Boston City Councillor Maura Hennigan has announced her 2001 run for a Citywide seat on the Boston City Council.

Councillor Henniganís 2001 campaign will emphasize building unity across our neighborhoods to address issues of public concern, and the need for the City Council to show leadership in exercising its most important function: the choice of fiscal priorities to serve Boston residents.

"I believe that successful efforts to meet the pressing needs that affect us citywide must rest on a foundation of unity across neighborhood boundaries," says Councillor Hennigan, "The needs for affordable housing, quality public education, appropriate development, public safety, public health, and a safe, beautiful environment are shared by residents across our city."

As Chair of the Ways and Means Committee for the past seven years, Councillor Hennigan has the background to understand the cityís financial structure, and how Council decisions affect city government's ability to provide key services and to accomplish goals in the public interest.

"In the past year, it has become clear that both city and state are beginning to experience an economic slowdown. It is extremely important at this time that the Boston City Council exercise strong leadership to ensure that our financial house remains in order," she says. "The city's financial stability should never be jeopardized. The need for careful prioritization and strong City Council leadership is clear, when pressure to allot public funds is brought to bear, as in the city's risky plan to publicly subsidize a new Fenway Park, which could divert funds from affordable housing, quality education, and public safety."

Development in Boston is important to the cityís well-being, labor force and financial stability. Projects like the Convention Center, the South Boston Waterfront Development and the "Big Dig" are important to Boston's economy and a fully employed workforce as we enter the new millennium as a world-class city; but we are one city, and must reject the politics of dividing one neighborhood against another.

We need strong leadership to ensure that all of Bostonís neighborhoods are protected and share benefits in an equitable manner, but to restore confidence we need a true, independent planning process, with real public involvement, separate from the Boston Redevelopment Authorityís (BRA) role as seeking development. "The present BRA structure provides too much incentive to over-develop," says Councillor Hennigan, "Without the publicís involvement in a true planning process separate from the BRA, public outcry will continue, not only in the neighborhoods of South Boston and the Fenway, but also in each and every neighborhood across the city."

During the last 20 years, Maura Hennigan has served as an At-Large Councillor and more recently as a District 6 Councillor, devoting her career to public service.

A consistent advocate in favor of the creation and preservation of affordable housing, Councillor Hennigan has repeatedly demonstrated a commitment to this cause, for example, when she spearheaded passage of legislation to protect the residents of the Boston Trailer Park from losing their homes.

As a former Boston Public School teacher at all levels: elementary, middle and high school, Councillor Hennigan learned first-hand the importance of strong educational models. As a City Councillor she formed the successful K-8 Lyndon Pilot School.

Councillor Hennigan has promoted accessible and affordable health care with the creation of the citywide mammography van, helping women fight breast cancer.

The Councillor has advocated for livable neighborhoods across the city with her fight to formulate a Municipal Harbor Plan that would create a new neighborhood in South Boston that both South Boston residents and the entire city will be able to enjoy.

Councillor Hennigan took the lead against expansion at Logan Airport, with her order filed in the City Council that began the process of unifying communities in Greater Boston to support regional transportation solutions.

The Councillor continues to oppose the cityís effort to take private land by eminent domain, thereby forcing out existing jobs and businesses in the Fenway "I will work hard to keep the Boston Red Sox in Boston, but a new ballpark should be privately funded. The city faces too many challenges with housing, education, and public safety to be subsidizing multi-million dollars sports franchises at taxpayer expense."

Councillor Hennigan plans to meet with residents in each and every neighborhood in the coming months to seek input and ask for your vote. "Together we can make our city a great place to work, play and raise our families."

If you would like to help Councillor Henniganís campaign, please contact her at 617-524-3100, write to her at The Committee to Elect Maura Hennigan, P.O. Box 31, West Roxbury 02132, or contact her via her website at

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