Constituent Quotes

Please feel free to read some of the some of the things consituents have said about Maura's ability to listen to constituent conerns, keep in touch with the community and her effectiveness:

Listening to Constituent Concerns:

Dan Barnett has worked closely with the Sumner Hill Neighborhood Association for several years including holding the position of President. "I'm impressed with Maura Hennigan. She's worked tirelessly for the neighborhoods and the neighbors. She's always there when you need her and is extremely responsive to our needs," he says, and in addition, "her staff is the most committed group of people I'm worked with; my messages are always quickly returned by Maura herself or one of her staff members."

- Dan Barnett

"Maura works hard to protect the neighborhoods. She listens to us, understands our issues and makes sure we have a voice with the City. When our neighborhood had serious telephone service issues, which included long outages, Maura was there to help us figure out the problem. Because of her many efforts such as sponsoring neighborhood meetings, we've seen serious improvements to our phone service, including emergency response upgrades. Even though we're a small section and it would be "easy" to 'forget' about us, Maura hasn't. She and office staff are always there to listen and help."

- Patricia Flaherty

"I frequently run into Maura in JP and West Roxbury, running to some meeting or other. She always has a cheerful word, and I'm always amazed at the number of things she's working on at once. She is a powerful friend to our neighborhoods, and she always finds a way to help people."

- Ainsleigh Foster

In touch with the Community:

"Maura Hennigan is a responsible, strong person who's also fair and kind", says Tom Keogh, a long-time supporter from West Roxbury . "She's well-versed in what goes on in the community." Several years ago, when the Boston Trailer Park was in danger of being bull-dozed by a local business, Maura "stepped up to the plate" and stopped the destruction of units occupied by many senior and semi-handicapped individuals. "Maura is my hero", says Mr. Keogh, "she worked to put together an ordinance to save our trailer park. She's a follow-through person who has helped many, many people retain their housing in this neighborhood."

- Tom Keogh

"I met Maura Hennigan about three years ago," says Manny Soto of Roslindale. "I'm a Latino small business owner in Jamaica Plain and was caught up with a zoning issue. Maura really understood my concerns. I was amazed that she could relate to me and to my situation. Because of Maura's help, I'm now in the position to assist other people with their problems. She made sure that she was available to me or she sent a staff member. I can't say enough good things about her. Maura's someone who really cares about the people in the neighborhoods and about me - a Latino small businessman."

- Manny Soto

"I'm an officer in our neighborhood Stratford Clement Area Association. Most recently, Maura contacted us about a hearing for a monopole tower planned for our neighborhood. We held a meeting, she came and talked to us, and worked on our behalf - and that monopole won't be going up. Maura has been there for the neighborhood as long as I can remember. She is quietly persistent and effective."

- Greg Gorbach

"It's an honorable job, and Maura does her job well," says Kaye Ryan. "Maura is a hard worker and I admire her."

- Kaye Ryan

"A developer had plans to build several large townhouses in our neighborhood. There were many concerns, including the ecological impact on the Arboretum and Jamaica Pond. Maura helped bring the community together and worked tirelessly in our behalf. She helped the residents make their voices known to the City. There were endless meetings with the BRA and City council and Maura kept us informed on the developments. She was there from the beginning. What began as only a few people eventually became hundreds who voiced their opposition to the development. Greatly because of her hard work and her efforts, the development did not take place. Maura is always on the "common-sense" side of issues-she's hard working and doesn't seek the glamour and glitz. She just rolls up her sleeves and works hard. Maura has her finger on the pulse of the constituents and acts in their behalf.

- Jim Moran

"Although we're all members of city districts, each of us become particularly concerned with the issues which impact our own neighborhoods. When a pedestrian light was moved last Winter at Forest Hills, it caused serious problems for many commuters and residents who need to cross daily in that area, especially those who are elderly and handicapped. Because of the amount of traffic, it's nearly impossible to cross over to the station, or back to Forest Hills, especially at rush hour. It has been the cause of much concern on my part as it's become increasingly dangerous. Maura got involved with the community and pulled together a neighborhood meeting with various City, State and law enforcement officials attending. I'm relieved that a pedestrian light will be re-instated shortly for the safety of the not only the surrounding residents, but for everyone who travels, shops or works in Forest Hills. I appreciate Maura's hard work on this issue. Maura is very approachable and her staff is informed and responsive. She uses common-sense and is down-to-earth. Maura cares about the neighborhoods and the people who live there."

- Stephanie Hammonds

Showing Her Effectiveness:

"Bostonians have City Councilor Maura Hennigan to thank for keeping the issue of potholes and street repair on the agenda. We welcome the street repairs. Now if only the citizens and the city crews would clean up the trash on Boston's streets and parkland."

- Bernard Cullen

"Maura Hennigan always responds to our needs", says Ms. Gallagher, President of the Back of the Hill Community Development corporation. "She's there when we need her and gives us personal attention. I can't think of a time when she wasn't able to help us" she says, "either she or her staff members make themselves available to us. Maura's been so great to our elderly and handicapped residents; really kind. She really gets involved and attends our housing workshops or sends her staff members to give her a first-hand report. I can't say enough positive things about her."

- Catherine Gallagher

"I met Maura Hennigan through the Lyndon Pilot School. She was instrumental in having the school re-opened. Maura was our staunch supporter and has never wavered in her support. Maura is sincere and very "hands-on". She came to our volunteer gardening day at the school! She is very responsive and helpful; always makes herself available and returns calls promptly."

- Peggy Hooper

"Maura has been my councillor for 18 years. She understands the issues of the Latino community and our Hyde Square business district and she really supports us. She helps us with every issue on the street. She helped bring back (Boston Police Dept.) District #13 police station. Maura helped change this area from a drug capital into a neighborhood where we can live in peace. Whether it's lighting, home owner issues or drug problems, Maura is always there for us. We can't ask for a better city councillor."

- Robert Martinez

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