Maura stands for sensible development projects:

A New Ballpark in Boston:

  • Thanks to Maura's efforts, the former Red Sox owner's plan to expand Fenway Park, which called for the taking of private property by the City of Boston to benefit a for-profit business, was stopped and the new owners are looking to renovate the current park. Councillor Hennigan led the charge on a resolution, that the majority of the Boston City Council supported and voted for, to oppose the city's plan to expand Fenway Park. For more information on Maura's successful efforts, please feel free to read the following Op-Ed piece that appeared in the Boston Globe on October 17, 2000.

South Boston Waterfront:

  • The South Boston Waterfront will become Bostons first new neighborhood since the filling of Back Bay more than 100 years ago. Maura has been meeting with City and State officials in conjunction with civic organizations, environmental groups and business property owners. She is working to ensure that the South Boston Waterfront is developed in an appropriate manner that recognizes the diverse interests of everyone involved. Maura believes the planning process should be an inclusive and inspirational process to invent and then build a new waterfront neighborhood that will combine the best of what Boston is with visionary ideas that will shape the Boston of the next century.

In support of Millennium Park:

  • As the 7 year chairwoman of the Ways & Means Committee, Maura made sure the funding for Millennium Park was passed expediously in order to ensure the park's construction and capping happened in a timely manner. It is now the largest public park in the City of Boston and offers nature walks, playing fields, a boat ramp, spectacular vistas of the Charles River and beautiful sunsets.

Opposed to UMass Boston Dorms:

  • Councillor Hennigan joined with the community and other political leaders in voicing her strong opposition to the creation of dormatories at UMass Boston. As a result of their efforts, the university pulled back on reconstruction. Rest assured that Councillor Henngian will continue to follow this issue should it resurface again.

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