Letter to Superintendent Payzant on Kilmer K-8 Program

May 29, 2003

Mr. Thomas W. Payzant, Superintendent
Boston Public Schools
26 Court Street
Boston, MA 021108

Re: Modular Classrooms

Dear Superintendent Payzant:

As you are aware, the modular classrooms currently in use at the Patrick Lyndon Pilot School will no longer be needed next year. The Patrick Lyndon Pilot School is moving to the Shaw Middle School site in West Roxbury

At the recent community meeting attended by Michael Contompasis and Jerry Burrell, questions were raised by the community because the students of Shaw Middle School will be moved to Mildred Ave in Mattapan.Once the move is complete there will be no walk zone or middle school in the West Roxbury neighborhood for students to utilize or attend.

In response to the questions raised at this meeting, Michael Contompasis indicated that the school department was considering expanding the Joyce Kilmer Middle School or another elementary school in the neighborhood and converting it to K-8 model.

Considering budget constraints and uncertain state allocated funds, principals, teachers, and members of the community should be allowed to explore the possibility of utilizing one of these modular classrooms for the Joyce Kilmer or Ohrenberger School. The modular classrooms can have a life expectancy up to 20 years. The Lyndon modulars are only three years old. To disassemble the current modulars and set them up at a new site costs approximately $500,000. Clearly from a cost analysis perspective, a half million vs. many millions of dollars that the school committee would have to pay in the future to build an addition to the Kilmer or Ohrenberger School is not the wisest or most cost effective solution.

These modulars are to be removed from the VFW site after 60 days. Therefore, I am requesting that the school department explore this option with the Principal, teachers, parents, and elected officials of the Kilmer School along with community members as soon as possible.

I will be following up this letter with a phone conversation. It is important that we as elected officials address issues of education with a vision of providing quality public education in such a manner that it makes fiscal and educational sense.

Respectfully yours,
Maura A. Hennigan
City Councillor-At-Large

Cc: Michael Comptonpasis, Chief Operating Officer
Robert Roy, Facilities Management Director

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