Maura has shown her commitment to Environmental Issues:

Saying NO to the monopoles:

  • When communities have been threatened by construction of massive cellular communications towers--known to locals as the Monopoles--Maura has been a leader in opposing monopoles to keep them out of people's neighborhoods. In a number of instances throughout the City of Boston, Maura has helped to unite and empower community residents and stop plans to build the monopole where such developments would have been wholly inappropriate.

Fighting to Preserve Hancock Woods:

  • Maura led the charge to save West Roxbury’s Hancock Woods from development when that natural open space was threatened. It is now part of the MDC reservation system.

In support of Millennium Park:

  • As the 7 year chairwoman of the Ways & Means Committee, Maura made sure the funding for Millennium Park was passed expediously in order to ensure the park's construction and capping happened in a timely manner. It is now the largest public park in the City of Boston and offers nature walks, playing fields, a boat ramp, spectacular vistas of the Charles River and beautiful sunsets.


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