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Hennigan serves public honestly, with no eye for headlines

West Roxbury Transcript, page 8 - Wednesday, October 22, 2003

I was moved to write this letter as I unexpectedly saw someone who I have known, for the last 20 years, at the polls this year. He is not a person who I would call politically active, but was eagerly asking every voter as s/he went in to vote "Please consider voting for Maura Hennigan." Wondering what prompted his enthusiasm, I asked. He told me he lived at the trailer park and that since 1987 Maura Hennigan stood by them to fight for their homes - the last trailer park in Boston. I asked how many families were involved. "103," he told me, "just a 103, but she stood with us since 1987 until now". That said it all. People are quick to ask, "What has so and so done?"

Many times what is in our interests is not newsworthy causing some to herald to local headliners. So it is important to differentiate that some are people of principle, who despite all, put OUR needs first above their own; after all, city councilors are elected to serve us. Long-term projects don't necessarily yield newspaper headlines, but they attest to the substance of the person, their work ethic and their impact on our community. Here is a person who stood by a group of 103 people, their only hope-to save their homes - for many years. This is not something that would make headlines; but just imagine if you were one of those 103. I understood. I come from a different set of 103 families, also in West Roxbury, dealing with different issues-- in the Grove-- also long-term in resolution. In her years as our district city councilor, Maura Hennigan has worked with us as we searched for a solution. And she still works with us.

Maura Hennigan literally puts "her money where her mouth is"-donating her pay-raise last year to 7 non-profit groups. She is not afraid to stand alone for what she believes in and is quick to stand behind those in whom she believes in.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Tragos
West Roxbury

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