Public Safety

Marua is commited to Public Safety:

Protecting Citizens and their Pets from Stray Voltage:

  • Councillor Hennigan held a hearing on Monday, March 8th with various city and state agencies as well as pet owners to figure out how stray voltage or hotspots were occuring in the city and how NStar planned to fix them so that no one else or their pet would be injured in the future.

Working to improve the quality of our street repairs:

  • Councilor Hennigan submitted an ordinance to the Boston City Council back in June that would amend the City of Boston Code (CBC) guidelines regarding the repair, restoration and back-filling of sidewalks and streets. With the passing of this ordinance, the city of Boston would take steps to follow the path of other cities and municipalities in improving the technologies and methods for repairing their public ways.

    Currently, the council referred this proposed ordinance to the Committee on Government Operations. A first hearing has been held and there will be a follow up hearing to receive additional input to examine the ordinance as submitted. Click here to read the full text of Maura's ordinance regarding potholes.

  • Maura recently launched a web site in cooperation with other concerned citizens regarding potholes in the City of Boston. Click here to check out the site: or the press release.

Helping the Boston Police in many ways:

  • Throughout her tenure, Councillor Hennigan has provided funding to increase police presence across the city.
  • She also has consistently worked to ensure that police across the city are equipped with the tools they need to keep residents safe, such as funding for patrol cars in order to equip them with modern computers.
  • She has worked to ensure that the police force is reflective of the ethnic makeup of their service areas.
  • She has actively worked with the police on Operation Car Safe, a program to eliminate car break-ins by encouraging residents to remove valuable personal belongings from the passenger seats of their cars.

Taking a stand against domestic violence:

  • She was a major sponsor of a petition to provide the Police Commissioner with the right to deny a firearm to any individual convicted of, or who had a restraining order outstanding for a domestic violence charge. She also pushed for domestic violence officers and will continue her efforts to push for more of them.

Working with neighborhood crime watches:

  • Councillor Hennigan has worked at length to help crime watches reduce crime on a grass-roots level. She has worked with crime watches across the city. She recently was recognized for her many years and efforts working with the Boston Police.


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