Here are some of Maura's initiatives and ongoing issues regarding Transportation:

Working to improve the quality of our street repairs:

  • Councilor Hennigan submitted an ordinance to the Boston City Council back in June that would amend the City of Boston Code (CBC) guidelines regarding the repair, restoration and back-filling of sidewalks and streets. With the passing of this ordinance, the city of Boston would take steps to follow the path of other cities and municipalities in improving the technologies and methods for repairing their public ways.

    Currently, the council referred this proposed ordinance to the Committee on Government Operations. A first hearing has been held and there will be a follow up hearing to receive additional input to examine the ordinance as submitted. Click here to read the full text of Maura's ordinance regarding potholes.

    Maura recently launched a web site in cooperation with other concerned citizens regarding potholes in the City of Boston. Click here to check out the site: or the press release.

Better Neighborhood Transportation:
  • Councillor Hennigan supports creation of master transportation plans for city neighborhoods in order to make them more efficient for public transit, cars, bikes, and pedestrians.
  • She supported efforts to secure funding for beautification and traffic calming efforts throughout the city and even introduced a traffic calming ordinance. She looks forward to working with neighborhoods across the city that would like to implement traffic calming measures.

Traffic Enforcement & Improvement:

  • Maura is a leading advocate of creation of a separate Traffic Enforcement Division within the Boston Police Department. This move will help focus additional resources on such issues as speeding and moving traffic violations

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